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Amy and Elaine Goff: Music

What's Up With This Cuisine?

(Amy and Elaine Goff)
Music by John McCurry, Lyrics and Vocal arrangements by Amy & Elaine Goff. Performed with Robin Batteau

"Hello ducks! welcome to the King's Feet. We have head cheese today, fresh bangers, and a particularly lovely spotted dick."

Down to the pub for some bubble and squeak
Nice gray greens that they cooked for a week
Kidney pie and some cold mushy peas
And a nice big, flat, warm pint if you please

Oh Yeah! Not tryin' to be mean
But Emeril! What's up with this cuisine?

They think kidneys are something to eat
Blood sausage is considered a treat
They eat those birds that you see on the street
And a jam called marmite that's made out of feet

Oh Yeah! I'm not a squeamish guy
But Emeril, what is this in my pie?
If you can kick up this cuisine
You might get knighted by the queen

Oh Yeah! Not tryin' to be mean
But Emeril, what's up with this cuisine?