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Amy and Elaine Goff: Music

Pork Fat Rules ( The Happylujah Chorus)

(Amy and Elaine Goff, with Paul Allen)
Lyrics by Elaine Goff
(Excerpts from "Love Handles Messiah")

Add some pork fat, Add some pork fat
Happy happy, Happy happy, 'cuz pork fat rules!
Add some bacon to what you're makin'
Throw some ham in - make it slammin'

Add bacon, prociutto or pancetta
Add the pork fat, add the pork fat
Happy happy, Happy happy

For pork makes everything so much betta'
Try some hamhocks or some pork chops
Add some piggy - getting' jiggy

Try addin' cracklin's or some andouille (add andouille hallelujah!)
Just go out to the farm and yell sooeee (yell sooee, yell soooeee)
Find you a 4-H blue ribbon winner

'Cuz pork fat rules forever and ever
'Cuz pork fat rules forever and ever

We love pigs! (forever and ever)
It's a pork fat thing! (Hallelujah, Hallelujah)
Yes we love piggies forever and ever!

Pork sausage too, it's all up to you
Add any swine, it works every time

'Cuz pork fat rules forever and ever
Have you heard? "Oink" is the word
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Happy happy, Happy happy